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Idea Foundry
421 W State Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Take a year to explore all the creative experiences that the Idea Foundry has to offer and save over 40% when you bundle! Get your 1st year of explorer membership AND two woodshop classes for $375 no setup fees or add-ons! 

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Liability Waiver and Photo Release: I understand that located on the premises are tools & technology (such as, but not limited to, welding equipment, woodworking tools, cutting devices, soldering tools, etc.). I agree not to use or handle any tool on which I have not been trained by appropriate IF orientation class or private instruction by IF staff. I fully understand that any tool can be hazardous and that a number of dangerous conditions may apply to my activity, such as sharp objects, spinning, rotating or moving blades, bits, or other tool components, hot objects or equipment, and/or exposure to materials that may be toxic or dangerous if ingested or otherwise improperly handled. With this knowledge, accept full responsibility for my own safety and conduct and will hold the Idea Foundry, its instructors, and members harmless for any accidents or incidents that may occur as a result of my membership. I agree not to allow guests to touch or handle any equipment and that only trained and current associate or family members of mine may use any tool stations. I understand that appropriate safety gear has been discussed in my classes, and that some common personal protective devices (safety glasses, hearing protection, welding helmets/goggles, protective jackets, etc.) are provided at the IF and if I choose not to wear it, I am solely responsible for any harm that comes to me be because of that decision. I certify that I am in good physical and mental condition and free of any medications, drugs, or alcohol that will affect my ability to handle tools or technology safely and as directed, and I agree not to handle any IF equipment under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other inebriates, legal or otherwise. I agree to follow all instructions and safety precautions including wearing appropriate safety devices at all times, and to refrain from touching or manipulating any piece of equipment at this facility which I have not been instructed to handle. I understand that I may be held responsible for any unapproved actions which result in injury or property damage. If I am disruptive to a class/event or not being safe, I may be asked to leave the shop, or my membership cancelled and I will not receive a refund of any currently outstanding tool use fees or membership dues. The Idea Foundry is not responsible for lost or stolen private property on IF property or parking lots. Additionally, I understand that occasionally, people representing various media outlets or the Idea Foundry itself may take photographs or video of classes, events, or activities. I authorize these media outlets and the Idea Foundry to use, reproduce and/or publish photographs and/or video that may pertain to me—including my image, likeness, and/or voice without compensation and that this material may be used in various publications in print or online, for recruitment material, or other related endeavors.

Member Handbook

The Idea Foundry Member Handbook is linked directly in the above description. All IF members are responsible for reading and understanding and abiding by this material.

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