Book a Sunkissed Patio Limited Edition Session

Introducing our Limited Edition Sunkissed Patio Outdoor Sessions at Jess Jones Boudoir!

Transport yourself to the alluring Amalfi Coast, where you can indulge in sipping Aperol Spritz on a sun-kissed patio while being photographed by our award-winning photographer, Jess Jones.

Our Outdoor Sunkissed Patio Sessions are perfect for celebrating your self-worth, sexiness, and confidence in the beauty of a vintage bathtub and outdoor glam.

Our sessions include a professional makeup application, wardrobe options, and a personalized styling session. Your glamourous boudoir photos will be perfect for gifting or to treat yourself!

Come and experience the Limited Edition  Sunkissed Patio Outdoor Session at Jess Jones Boudoir!

The sessions include:

  • Makeup application from our pro makeup artist!
  • You'll need to arrive with your hair styled. 
  • 30+ minute photoshoot
  • Expert posing guidance!
  • A special theme that you won't find available any other time.
  • $150 print credit!!

Booking Deposit is $99 (plus taxes and fees). Reserves your spot on the calendar. Will be credited toward your photo package order.

Photos starting at $450!


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