Family Punch Card

The Wonder Place
10301 N. Rodney Parham Suite E2
LR, AR 72227

Family Punch Card*
15 admissions for $100
1 punch = 1 admission for 1 person

*Punch Cards are good for immediate family only.

Punch Cards can be mailed or picked up at The Wonder Place anytime during our regular business hours.  9am-5pm  Mon.- Sat.

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* Each punch equals one admission for one person. As with our other admissions, the second adult in the family and any child under 1 is free.

Please fill out if purchasing as a gift or you need the punch card mailed to you:

* Please note that your Punch Card will not be mailed unless the above mailing address and name are completely filled out.

-You can pick up your punch card at The Wonder Place during regular business hours. Please call 501-225-4050 if you have any questions.

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