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Summer-Palooza Cookie Decorating Workshop

Summer-Palooza Cookie Decorating Workshop
Hands On | Take-Home Cookies
Leesa Yates

Class Description:
Join us for a jam-packed 4-hour pastry arts workshop that will explore the sweet world of Cookie Decorating! Expect lots of hands-on time with experienced Cookie Artist Leesa Yates as she teaches you how to make the right kind of cookie dough for rolling, cutting and decorating!  You’ll learn proper mixing, and measuring (yes, there is a right way!), oven temps, equipment, how to read a recipe, ingredients, and much more. Then, it’s your turn to get involved as you roll the dough out (the right way!) and then cut shapes and get it into the oven for baking. Leesa will then show you how to make Royal Icing which is the one and only best icing for cookie decorating. You’ll mix your own icing to achieve the correct consistency, and learn how to use icing tips, piping bags, color mixing and more.  As we learn, we will create cookie designs that reflect Summer…because it’s finally here!  Think Royals & flip flops, etc.  She will teach cookie decorating techniques like piping, flooding and more. Then it’s your turn to create your own beautiful cookies using those techniques you’ve learned.  Expect lots of rave reviews when you arrive home with your beautifully decorated cookies to show off to your family and friends.  (NOTE: We recommend a eating a hearty breakfast or bringing a snack or lunch to class) 


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