Neapolitan Style Pizza

A new class from Baking Arts featuring classic pizza made with hand stretched dough in the Neapolitan style. We will cover making dough from scratch using 00 flour and options for cold fermentation  and sourdough discard to build flavor, and discuss the merits of various styles of mozzarella and other cheeses, sauce options and topping guidelines. We'll go over the pros and cons of using home ovens, pizza stones and dedicated outdoor high heat pizza ovens and discuss how each of these options affect the final flavors and textures of your pizza (and yes, you can make GREAT pizza in a home oven with the right technique). Following our demonstration, every student will make their own hand stretched pizza, top and bake in our outdoor pizza oven during class. Take your finished pizza dough home with you after class. Please kindly note our classes are for adults. 


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