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Dreadfest 2 - Frontier Scum (GM: Jordan Peacock)

Every Saturday we will be hosting games of Dread and variety of Horror RPGs for you to learn and play! Each game will be lead by a knowledgeable GM, safety/X cards will be provided, and due to the nature of Horror games we do players must be 18+.

Every game featured during Dreadfest will be 10% OFF for the entire month of October!
WALK-UPs ARE LIMITED so we suggest reserving your spot down below.

Saturdays in October
3PM - 7PM (Game Depending)
Experience Needed: ALL PLAYERS WELCOME
Game details:
FRONTIER SCUM is a rules-lite Acid Western roleplaying game. An auto-destructive, violent and LSD-infused take on Spaghetti Westerns, about wanted outlaws making their mark on an unreal Lost Frontier. Probably getting shot before having the chance to shoot. A rough-and-tumble world of insatiable greed where scum live one slug from the grave. Inspired by such things as El Topo, Dead Man, and Bone Tomahawk.


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