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Dreadfest 2 - Teeth: Blood Cotillion (GM: Jordan Peacock)

Every Saturday we will be hosting games of Dread and variety of Horror RPGs for you to learn and play! Each game will be lead by a knowledgeable GM, safety/X cards will be provided, and due to the nature of Horror games we do players must be 18+.

Every game featured during Dreadfest will be 10% OFF for the entire month of October!
WALK-UPs ARE LIMITED so we suggest reserving your spot down below.

Saturdays in October
3PM - 7PM (Game Depending)
Experience Needed: ALL PLAYERS WELCOME
Game details:
TEETH: Blood Cotillion is a grotesque, single-session, standalone table-top roleplaying game for 3-6 people (including the GM).

It is set during a single night at a high-society ball, in a cursed corner of 18th-century England. The players are formidable assassins, disguised as husband-hunting ingenues, who must root out the occult evil that lurks in the manor, destroy it and, ideally, survive. 

The game uses a simplified version of the Forged In The Dark rules to tell this troubling story of peril and unpleasantness, and is designed to be played in a single session. It should take between three and five hours to play, during which time the ball goers will make horrifying decisions to achieve their victory over the supernatural, and also over polite society.


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