Baby Sign and Play with Wendy Auffant- FALL 2019

Sod Room
1454 S. Michigan Avenue 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 922-3131

Sign + Play: Designed for Ages 6-18 Months
Sign language is easy to learn and can give you a glimpse into what your baby is thinking and what they need. Learn simple, easy-to-do gestures and help your little one communicate with you. Get tips and

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Caregiver participation required. Adults require socks. Drop in Play after class in NOT included for this class and must be purchased seperately. No refunds, make-ups or exchanges are possible due to the nature of this class.
I understand that every once in a while pictures are taken during class to help share all of the amazing things happening and to promote the class!
I understand that all strollers MUST be folded down upon arrival.

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