Intermediate Welding 2.17.20

Gizmo-CdA, Inc
Hubbard and College Drive
Coeur d Alene, ID 83814

Sparks will fly at Gizmo's welding course. This will be an intermediate course in welding, taking your skills to the next level. This class will emphasize design and new tools. You will need an understanding of basic welding techniques to take this

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Gizmo-CdA, Inc ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISK, WAIVER & INDEMNITY This form must be read and completed and by participants, or if a minor by custodial parent/guardian, prior to participation As a pre-condition to my participation in the workshop and training to be made available by GIZMO-CDA, Inc., an Idaho Non-Profit corporation, I willingly, and with full knowledge of the possible risks, sign and execute this waiver. GIZMO-CDA, Inc. is making available to me tools and training in metal-working, woodworking, ceramics, jewelry and print making together with school training in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art. I have complete freedom of choice as to my involvement in the available tools and training. I recognize that using the available tools could result in accidents, with or without fault, by me and/or by any supervisor or other person resulting in cuts, stabs, blindness, burns and/or internal or external physical or mental injury or damage. The tools made available by GIZMO-CDA, Inc. include band saws, table saws or chop saws, as well as activities including welding, cutting, soldering, kilns, and cooking. I personally pledge to use all care and conduct to avoid any such accidents. I hereby waive any and all claims that may arise in the future from any of the activities identified above which result in injury or damage to me. I recognize that persons who are not employees of GIZMO-CDA, Inc. but are volunteers in the workshop may be involved with or near me in that workshop and may be engaged in some workshop activity that results, with or without fault in injury or damage to me. I waive any claims against such persons. I hereby waive any and all claims of any nature whatsoever whether from a cause identified above or otherwise. I understand that GIZMO-CDA, Inc. in the course of its operation will be taking photographs and/or creating videos and/or having interviews as part of its process in schooling and training I hereby consent to having my photograph taken or included with others or taken as part of the video and I further consent to being interviewed. I consent to the use by GIZMO-CDA, Inc. of any such photograph, video or interview for any purpose at any time.

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