Field Trip

This fun, informative and practical visit with The Bee’s Knees Studio takes approximately 1 to 1 1/2  hours depending on the age range of the children, the number of people in the group, and the project you choose. There must be a minimum of 10 people in your group.

We'll tailor the content of the visit to suit your requirements.

We welcome bookings of groups up to 50 people on school days between 10am and 4pm.The price quoted includes one item per person from your chosen selection.

The prices below are for pre-booked visits by non-profit groups.

Price includes instruction, use of studio facilities, paints, glazing and firing.Prices for other items are available on request. We stock many pieces.*These prices are per person and all-inclusive.  We supply everything.
Minimum of 10 people and/or $150 per visit.

A Deposit will hold your date and start the process for ordering your supplies.
$50 for 14 people or less   
$100.00  for 15 or more people

Pottery Painting-
Our most often booked session is pottery painting and for most of the visit everyone will decorate his or her own piece of ‘bisque’ pottery from your chosen pottery selection. We provide instruction and have lots of simple design tools that you can use. Our paints are water-based and do not stain.

We fire your painted pottery and finished items are ready for collection in 1 week.  Students use glazes to paint a piece that is already molded into a shape of your choosing.  They will learn painting and design techniques.

Pottery Projects take one week to fire for pick-up

Hand Building With Clay-Students will learn about clay and basic techniques of slab, pinch, coil and sculpting.  They will create their own piece and decorate it using glazing, scraffito, stamping and other methods.  We will tour the studio kiln room and learn drying, glazing and firing protocols.  The Bee’s Knees Studio supplies all materials & instruction.

Clay Projects take approximately 2 weeks to fire for pick-up.

Mosaic-This is the art of creating images by assembling small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials.  Small pieces known as tesserae are used to create a pattern or picture. Sometimes grout is placed between the small pieces to ad another design element.

Students take their project home the same day.

Canvas Painting-You will get to choose the design students will paint. We can customize a special painting for your group-we can even paint your school mascot.
Plus they will learn different brush stokes and techniques along with facts about an artist or the style of art they are painting. We provide everything. You bring the kids. 

Each child will go home with a masterpiece.


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