Li’l Kids Eat The Rainbow (for adult/child 5-8 yrs teams)


The Culinary Center of Kansas City
7920 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park,

Kids Adult Hands On

(Kids 5-8 yrs) Li’l Kids Eat The Rainbow (for adult/child teams)
Hands On | Tasting
$95 per adult/child team
Chef Susy Lara

(please note when registering that one ‘seat’ means you’re registering for one adult/child team; # of seats available also means # of adult/child teams available)  (one adult required for each child)

Class Description:
We all know that kids (ages 5-8) sometimes resist eating vegetables – even when we tell them they’ll help them grow big and strong. News flash! If you make it fun, they will eat ‘em! Today, experienced culinary instructor and healthy cooking expert Susy Lara is going to do just that as she show you how to make little chefs forget they are eating healthy as they create edible art!  We’ll take fresh summer produce and do some magic! As always, they’ll learn basic culinary techniques like chopping (using little kid-friendly knives), stirring, mixing, measuring, and more. To add to the fun, kids are encouraged to dress up like the rainbow……wear as many colors as you can! What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning with your fav little chef!

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