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Family Paint Party Santa Chimney

Ready for a festive night of joyous laughter and boundless creativity? Join us for an unforgettable event - Santa Chimney Winter Night Paint Party!

Here's What We've Planned For You

Guidance From Passionate Mentors: Our experienced and dedicated mentors will accompany you on this colorful journey, ensuring every brush stroke you make is filled with confidence.
Hassle-free Creativity: We've organized all the art supplies for you! All you need to do is arrive, unwind, and express your creativity through the brush!

Pre-Sketched Canvases: And oh, the image of Santa and the Chimney will already be outlined on your canvas when you come in. So, regardless of your sketching skills (or lack of them), there's nothing to worry about.
Remember, No Experience? No Problem!

Everyone is welcome, whether you are an experienced artist or have never held a paintbrush before. This event is all about fun, creativity, and uncovering your hidden artistic talents.

Our instructors will walk you through the process step-by-step to ensure you have not only a fantastic time but also bring home a masterpiece you'll be proud of!

What are you waiting for? Dive into this creative venture! We promise, it's going to be an evening brimming with laughter, magic and an array of colours. 
We're excited to see you at the Santa Chimney Winter Night Paint Party! 🎨🌟🎅


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