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Art Wheel Studio
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Art Wheel offers 1 time visits for parties, group events with art activities for all levels of experience. Beginning, intermediate & advance lessons private groups of 4 or more. questions email or text (619) 920-6864.

Pottery Wheel

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I agree to the following terms & conditions Pottery wheel classes at Art Wheel take place in the outdoor studio which is a fair weather venue. In the event of inclement weather, low temperature, rain, wild fires, high winds, or natural disaster, classes may be cancelled and require rescheduling. Hand-building, sculpture and all classes that take place at a table at our indoor studio are unlikely to be impacted by inclement weather and rain. If classes are cancelled by Art Wheel or its staff, there will be no rescheduling fee. However, if you fail to show up or fail to provide 48 hour notice for individuals or 10 business day notice for groups, there is a $10 per person rescheduling fee or forfeiture of the deposit, whichever is the greater amount. By registering for this class, drop-in, fieldtrip, workshop or series of classes, I agree to follow all Art Wheel rules and guidelines. I understand that any student may be removed from any class or course at any time for failure to do so. ArtWheel, Elisabeth Shapiro, Jeffrey Kirkeeng, and/or Art Wheel employees or contractors (hereinafter “ArtWheel”) are also not legally responsible for any harm or damages that result from failure to follow the guidelines given by instructor. Unless I have very short hair, I (or if a minor my parent or guardian) agree(s) to secure my hair up (so that it may not fall down or forward) on days when I may be working on the clay wheel. This is NOT necessary for handbuilding days. If participant is a minor child, I, the parent or legal guardian of the child named above, gives permission for my child to participate in all Art Wheel activities. I voluntarily assume the risks (for myself or for my child if he/she is a minor) associated with taking classes of the type in which I (or my minor child) will participate at Art Wheel and the use of any equipment at Art Wheel. I am responsible for treating the facilities and the work of others with care and respect. I relieve ArtWheel of any liability associated with these risks and indemnify ArtWheel for any harm I cause to others and the property of others. For classes with adult and child partners present together or where a minor is on Art Wheel premises with an adult, party or as arranged through another organization, the adult partner, guardian, counselor, leader or party host assumes the risk of supervising against dangers including but not limited to minor(s) ingesting or mouthing art supplies or tools and any harm that comes from roaming the facilities. Adult partners, guardians, counselors, troop leaders and party hosts are responsible for preventing minors from causing damage to Art Wheel equipment, inventory and ceramics. To the fullest extent allowed by law, I agree to completely release, indemnify and hold ArtWheel harmless, even if ArtWheel was negligent from all of my claims, losses or damages, including tort, loss of consortium, statutory claim, breach of contract, or wrongful death resulting from my injury or the injury of a family member or any child for whom I am the parent or guardian. The indemnity of ArtWheel shall include any claims or lawsuits brought by another ArtWheel student or parent or heir of an ArtWheel student seeking recovery for their own damages and lawsuits resulting from my (or my child’s) actions. I agree to repay all attorney’s fees, costs and judgments arising from my or another parent or heir’s claims. I agree that my image, whether still or moving, may be used by Art Wheel. Any loss of my personal property at the ArtWheel inside or outside studio or anywhere on the Art Wheel premises or abandonment of my personal property is at my own risk regardless as to the cause of such loss. I understand that it may take up to four weeks for my work to be fired and ready to pick up. I understand that it is my responsibility to pick up any fired or completed work within thirty days of notice that the work is ready for pick-up. I also accept that failure to pick up work within this timeframe may result in disposal of my work. If the artwork I create at Art Wheel does not survive the kiln or is otherwise lost or damaged at Art Wheel, the remedy is the return of the glazing and firing fee for that particular item or a piece of Art Wheel instructor pottery of similar size and value. This serves as Signature of adult or parent/guardian of minor

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