Teen Sushi Making Class

Gaynor's School of Cooking
309 E. Carson St.
Pittsburgh , PA 15219
412 325 2703

This is a fun class for Teens ages 13- 16, that teaches them the art of sushi making. They will create their own sushi, and also make egg rolls from scratch. This is a 2 hour class 

PLEASE NOTE: All our children's classes are just for kids. We recommend

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RELEASE OF LIABILITY ANDINDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT (for MINORS) I certify that I am a Parent/Guardian of this minor, and I have enrolled the minor in a cooking class conducted by Sewickley Cooking Studio, LLC d/b/a GAYNOR’S SCHOOL OF COOKING (the “COOKING SCHOOL”).; I understand that thecooking class will include cooking activities and use of equipment that can be dangerous and property damage, personal injury, and illness can result from cooking and cooking-related activities. I consent to pulling my minor from class participation without reimbursement if my minor is disruptive and risks injury to other participants. I also agree to drop off and pick up my minor upon completion of class.As part of my agreement with the COOKING SCHOOLto enroll in the cooking class, I hereby agree, to the fullest extent allowed by law, to RELEASE ANY AND ALL CLAIMS I MAY HAVE against theCOOKING SCHOOL & their owners, managers, members, employees and other representatives (hereinafter, “Agreement Beneficiary”) relating to or arising out of any property damage, personal injury or illness the minor may incur while attending or participating in the cooking class. I also agree to pay any costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred by any Agreement Beneficiary to enforce the terms of this Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement (hereinafter, “Agreement”) I consent that this Agreement is deemed to have been made in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania law will apply to its interpretation and inforcement.  I also consent to submit to the personal jurisdiction of and will not contest venue in the Allegheny Court of Common Pleas for any action brought in connection with this Agreement. I certify that I have read this Agreement and discussed it with the minor participant. I also certify that I executed this Agreement intending to be legally bound by it. Refund Policy Gift Certificates are NON-REFUNDABLE. Registration is a firm commitment to attend class. We DO NOT offer refunds UNLESS a class is cancelled by us due to insufficient registration or other extenuating circumstances. ANY CHANGES must be made AT LEAST ONE WEEK prior to class, AND will incur a $15 processing fee for an INDIVIDUAL class OR $50 for a cooking class SERIES. IF you used a DISCOUNT COUPON your processing fee will be $25 for an INDIVIDUAL class OR $60 for a cooking class SERIES. *BY DEFAULT, REFUNDS WILL BE CREDITED TO YOUR HOUSE ACCOUNT – REFUNDING CREDIT CARDS ARE BY REQUEST ONLY* ***NO CANCELLATION/CHANGE WILL BE ACCEPTED IF MADE WITHIN ONE WEEK OF THE DATE OF THE CLASS***

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