Colorblind Glasses Rental

Are you red-green colorblind? Or do you know someone who is? 

We are sure you've seen the videos of people trying colorblind glasses and how awesome their reaction is to seeing certain colors for the first time. We wanted to be able to make it so that everyone could have that experience! We invested in a pair of "color-blind corrective" glasses that can be rented for 3 days free of charge (Wed-Sat). This way you can rent them for yourself and for someone you love who might want to spend a few days seeing the beauty of all the colors we are so lucky to see every day. It also is a great way to test the glasses, not every color blindness is the same so these glasses may not work for everyone! Try them out with us before you invest. 

We charge a $50 refundable deposit, as long as the glasses are returned in good working order, we will refund the $50 to your credit card. Once you complete the registration process the glasses will be ready for pick up at 423 N Main St. Oshkosh, WI.

Glasses can be rented for a maximum of 3 days at a time, if we do not have anyone on the schedule to rent after you it is possible to extend the rental time. If you do not contact us about extending the rental you will be charged a $5 late fee per day (weather or not someone is scheduled for a rental after you or not). 

The information below is the type and brand of glasses we rent: 
Brand: Pilestone®

Model: TP-012  Color Blind Glasses for Red/Green Color Blind UV400


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