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Amaya Papaya
3385 S. US Highway 17/92

Amaya Papaya PREP is a mixed aged, preschool preparation, independence-building enrichment class for children ages 2 - 4 years old, that utilizes a Montessori and Reggio Emilia approach to encourage learning through PLAY by:

  • teaching early S.T.E.M…

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Registration in Amaya Papaya PREP includes a complimentary monthly membership per 12 week session that your child is enrolled.

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Parents will be required to change diapers/pull ups if a change is needed. Parents will be notified via text alert. Amaya Papaya staff WILL NOT change pull ups / diapers.


All children must have a signed waiver on file.・ Snacks are not permitted for children to eat during class time.・Water in a bottle labeled with their name is permitted.・We ask that you feed your child breakfast in the morning and a snack just before class. ・We suggest bringing lunch for your child to eat after AP PREP, in the lounge with their friends to create community with them and their families. ・ Each child will be required to wear a uniform during class.・ Class uniform will consist of an Amaya Papaya Prep Shirt. ・One shirt will be provided. Amaya Papaya PREP requires consistent attendance for the children to fully benefit from the program. SIGN IN / SIGN OUT Guardians must sign their child in and sign their child out on the clip board every day. Only adults on the contact sheet will be allowed to pick children up. ATTENDENCE Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather. We will make every attempt to make classes up if the schedule permits. All announcements regarding cancelled classes will be done via our newsletter, website, social media pages and phone call. Amaya Papaya PREP follows the Seminole County Public Schools Calendar. There are no refunds for missed class time or tardiness. Any child who is displaying any signs of illness while at play group will be asked to be picked up. Drop off for Amaya Papaya PREP starts no earlier than 9:55am. Children must be picked up no later than 12:05pm. Parents will be charged $2 for every minute past 12:05 that they are late. SICK POLICY We ask that if your child is showing any signs of illness that you would respectfully allow them to stay home so they can recover as quickly as possible. SAFETY Children will be required to work well with classmates and their teacher. Students who exhibit unsafe behavior can be removed from the program. NO EXCEPTIONS​ TO ANY OF THE ABOVE POLICIES LISTED.
A non-refundable annual registration, uniform and supply fee of $50 is required for each enrolling child at the time of registration. Tuition payment covers 8 classes (4 weeks of classes, 2 hours: 2 days a week) Invoice for classes will be sent out every 4 weeks on the first week of the month or fifth week of the month (which ever starts the beginning of the new months 4 week session) I understand that I must have credit or debit card on file. Credit card information must be provided at Amaya Papaya, in person before the first day of classes. I understand that I may still pay for services by cash or credit/debit, however my credit or debit card will be charged the balance of my account if my account is not paid by the 2nd day of each month. Initial registration fee and session payment will be charged via online registration form. Each additional payment will be paid via invoice or in-store.​ I understand that Amaya Papaya L.L.C. will assume that my child(s) will continue in their class each month until I submit a letter in writing 2 weeks prior to the beginning of a new month of classes, otherwise I will be responsible for any unattended classes and all account balances. Refunds are only granted for families moving out of the Central Florida area and medical reasons related to the participating student (doctor’s note must be provided). CREDIT OR DEBIT CHARGE AUTHORIZATION AGREEMENT I hereby authorize Amaya Papaya L.L.C., to charge my credit or debit card Amaya Papaya L.L.C., for Amaya Papaya PREP. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the Customer Service Office of any changes to my credit or debit card including but not limited to card expiration, name change, loss or theft of card, etc. In the event my credit or debit card is declined for any reason, I understand I will be responsible for the full payment as well as any late charges or service charges related. I have read this agreement and understand that I will be held responsible for its terms and conditions of service.

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