Easy Vegan & Gluten Free Weeknight Meals (inc. Dinner Rolls)


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Easy Vegan & Gluten Free Weeknight Meals (inc. Dinner Rolls)
Hands On Class | Tasting
Chef Tracy Blizmann

Class Description:

Tonight, we’ll explore ways to incorporate more protein-rich vegan dishes into our diets and enjoy simple, and delicious, recipes that are destined to become some of your go-to meals. All recipes will be gluten free (like Homemade Dinner Rolls) as well and Tracy will walk you through some of the basics of gluten free eating.  Meat-free on a regular basis will result in huge changes in our health and it’s easier than you think. Especially with all of the gorgeous farm fresh produce on display at your local grocery store or farmers’ market.  Let’s put good use to those beauties as healthy cooking instructor, Tracy Blizman, discusses which types of foods and vegetables provide the most energy and nutrition for our bodies, plus various tips & techniques for healthier ways to prepare them. Tracy walks the walk when it comes to the vegan lifestyle and brings a ton of knowledge to the table. She has a genuine love of vegan foods and is pulling out the stops as she teaches some of her favorite vegan dishes that celebrate the deliciousness of meatless meals. She’ll share interesting ways to integrate new ingredients into your dishes plus essential tips on how to cook with them. You’ll learn some of her favorite vegan dishes like a hearty Lasagna Soup, Quesadillas with an Italian twist, and an easy-peasy (and yummy!) pasta dish. These are recipes you’ll turn to over and over again when deciding ‘what’s for dinner’ on busy weeknights. Plus, the expert knowledge and tips that Tracy will lay on you tonight can be applied to most any vegan recipe you choose to cook for the rest of your life.


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