Messy Movers Winter - Tuesdays @ 10:15a Jan. 7th - March 31st

Building at 15 William Street
15 William Street
New York, NY 10005

Messy Movers: (Approx. 12m  - 3yrs) Movers delight in the process of exploration and discovery and are ready to engage in music and movement activities with their adult close by. Upbeat fun songs and activities allow us to stretch, jump, sing, dance and

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Class Policies and Waiver

MAKE - UP POLICY: Classes are offered as an amenity to all building residents with children ages 4m - 3 yrs at no cost to the residents; as such make up classes ARE NOT offered for missed classes for any reason. CANCELLATION POLICY: We reserve the right to cancel any classes due to low enrollment or staff changes. PHOTOGRAPHY: PLEASE respect the privacy of others and ONLY take still photos of your child. There is NO video recording permitted in class. CELL PHONE USAGE: Texting and talking on cell phones is prohibited during the class. WAIVER: Creative Play for Kids, it’s instructors, Eileen Levine, and the various facilities are not legally held responsible for any illness, accidents, or injury that may occur to you, an adult caregiver accompanying your child, and your child. When you enroll your child, you agree to accept full responsibility for yourself, your child’s caregiver, and child while attending all Creative Play for Kids classes. I have read the class policies and waiver and agree to accept them. All the information on this registration form is accurate.

This Enrollment is for Messy Movers @ 10:15a. There are 12 classes in this session and NO class on 2/18.

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