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4. Please fill out required information below. Payment information will be required at the end of the sign up.BiG Fab Lab is an open-access 24/7 workshop (or "Maker Space") that serves people in the Northwest Ohio region. BFL provides the equipment, classes, private storage and studio space, and personal assistance to a membership community that allows you to prototype and develop any idea you can imagine. We are targeting people, schools, and businesses who have an interest in hands-on skills in a variety of crafting, design, manufacturing areas, and business incubation. We also provide retail space so that our members can test market and sell their creations!

Once you become a member and pass basic tool safety training, your creativity can have full reign!

Members are expected to work in a safe manner, treat others with respect, clean up after themselves, and care for the equipment. Memberships will be revoked if these guidelines are not followed. 


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