Weekend Private Parties

Weekend PRIVATE Party!

We look forward to giving you a memorable and easy party for  you and your guests! All parties are completely private to your guests and 2 party hosts will ensure that you can relax and enjoy your child's special day! We make it easy so that you can be in the moment!

Each party Includes:

  •  Private Admission for up to 15 children
  • Party favors for all children!
  • Party Games throughout the entire event, catered to the birthday child's favorite activities!

  • solid color plastic Tablecloths of your choice, if desired 
  • cupcake/cake stands
  •  2 Hosts to run your party smoothly so you can enjoy your little ones special day! We will serve children & clean up any food/drinks or dessert that you would like to bring in.
  • 30 minutes to set up prior to your parties start time.
    15 minutes to exit our facility (we will do clean up, guests have 5 minutes after the party ends to exit the building to allow us to pack up).

$375.00/$15.00 for each additional child over 15


  • Additional time $75/half hour, $150/hour-please note that this is not guaranteed when you book. If we cannot add extra time, you will be notified. Once extra time is scheduled, we require a 2 week cancellation if you change your mind. Once that time has passed, you will be responsible for extra time balance regardless of staying during that time.
  • We can do your decorating (with your decor) for an additional $50! Decorations must be dropped off and fully assembled prior to your event.
  • We can make your balloon arch! We charge $10/foot. All supplies should be given to us no later than Friday at 5pm. Basic balloon arches only. Mylar balloons can also be assembled with the balloon arch at the same rate. Balloon arches must be pre-paid before assembled. If you choose to leave the balloons with us, there will be a $25 fee.
  • Add extra decorating time! $50 for 30 minutes to your set up time for a total of 1 hour (must be approved as we cannot accommodate if there is an event prior to yours). 

Additional information:

  • Total party capacity: 45
  • No food restrictions-please no open flame heaters or plug in food warmers.
  • While we serve children meals, if there is a buffet style, we will ask parents to serve their children.
  • Strollers will not be permitted inside the building due to space. Adults must be on the playground with children at all times. 
  • While your party includes 2 party hosts, we are not responsible for monitoring children. Children must always be monitored to prevent accidents and injuries or damage to our play area.
  • Socks as always must be worn inside of the playground. Please remind your guests to fill a waiver out and bring socks for everyone attending.
  • Any guests showing the following visible symptoms will be asked to leave immediately: coughing, running nose, fever, rash, vomiting. Please help us to prevent health risks or uncomfortable situations to your guests by having a discussion with your guests prior to the party.
  • We will ask party guests to leave immediately following the "good-bye" song so that we can pack your party up for you. The party family will have 15 minutes after the party ends to exit the building. 
  • Our party hosts work hard to give you and your guests an amazing birthday experience! Please note that gratuities are very much encouraged and split between your 2 party hosts. Thank you! 


Party Policy

A $150 non refundable deposit is due at time of booking. If given a 1 week notice received by e-mail, we are happy to move your party to another day within 12 months of your original party date. If you are not able to give a 1 week notice, there will be a $50 rebooking fee. If you cancel your event for any reason and do not wish to reschedule, please know that the $150 deposit will not be refunded. You will be permitted to enter the little red barn 30 minutes before your party is scheduled to set up and decorate.
If you require any assistance for decorating, we are happy to set up for you if you leave your items with 24 hours prior to your party for an additional $50.00 fee. If you do this, please be sure to assemble any decorations, favors or equipment you leave with us & we will have your party ready when you arrive. We cannot hang decorations from the ceilings & cannot blow up balloons (this is another charge that we are happy to discuss with you).
Any decorations left with us to decorate should take no longer than 30 minutes to set up.
While we do a full clean up and pack your party items for you at the end of the party, if you decide to leave a balloon arch or a large quantity of balloons that will need to be disposed of, there will be a $25 fee for our time.
Your party includes up to 15 children between 6 months-10 years of age. $15.00 per child will be charged if the number of children exceeds 15. We will call you prior to your party date for a head count, please do your best to give us an accurate number of children attending your party so that we can make accommodations and ensure that your party is a hit!
We do not supply plates/napkins/cutlery/serving dishes or any other food related items. Please bring items needed!
You will have 15 minutes after the party to pack up with our help. If you go over the 15 minutes, we will add an additional $50.00 charge. We will do everything possible to prevent that from happening though, and will help you through set up and clean up so that you have a relaxing and enjoyable experience without feeling rushed! Guests will need to exit the building within 5 minutes of the party ending so that we can quickly pack your items up.
We ask that parents watch their children at all times to prevent any fighting, injuries or damage to our playground.
Although we have have 2 party hosts, we are running your party and are not able to supervise your guests. Parents should be on the playfloor with children at all times. Children that do not follow the rules may be asked to leave the play area and sit in the seating area during the remainder of the party.
Any cake/cupcakes will be served during the last 15 minutes of your party. Re-entry to the play area is not permitted after cake/cupcakes have been served. While we are happy to accommodate special requests, this part of our parties is non-negotiable. Thank you for understanding!
All guest must wear socks into the playground. All minors must have a waiver on file, which can be found on our website www.thelittleredbarnplayground.com. 

Our party entertainers work hard to make your party amazing! They work before you arrive and well after you leave and we hope they impress you during your event! We thank you for leaving them a generous tip for their hard work!

Any guests showing the following visible symptoms will be asked to leave immediately: coughing, running nose, fever, rash, vomiting. Please help us to prevent health risks or uncomfortable situations to your guests by having a discussion with your guest.
Please note that we do not allow outside party character entertainers at our location without prior approval and proper insurances. Characters booked for our location without permission will not be allowed to perform at a private party with us. We take pride in creating a fun, interactive party schedule tailored to your event!


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