An Adult Party

Let us help you host a great party!  Here are the basics...

  • An advance $25 Room Fee is required to reserve a 2-hour time slot in our private party room. The cost per guest will be the $8 Studio Fee, plus the price of the ceramic item(s) chosen. We have a huge selection of pottery in a wide range of prices, but most fall between $12 and $25. 
  • Minimum of 8 people is required for room reservations and a minimum purchase of $150 in Studio Fees and pottery painted during the scheduled time slot must be met regardless of the number of guests.
  • A maximum of 16 participants may be booked online. Larger groups must be booked by phone.
  • We encourage all guests to participate in the fun! If there are more than 2 non-painting guests, a $20 Seat Fee will be charged for each additional non-painting guest. 
  • Additional details outlined during check out. Please read the Waiver & Confirmation details carefully and feel free to call 303-776-2211 with any questions. 



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