Jurassic World LEGO Camp

A Master Builder Lego camp 200 million years in the making. Lego paleo-brick-ontologists ages 5+ will collaborate to build and create their very own Jurassic World!  Master Builder campers will build popular and NEW sets from the Jurassic World series as well as design their own Brickosaurus exhibits and attractions.  Master Builder campers will be provided with a Camp T-Shirt, take home lego fossil and Master Builder Certificate.  Full week is $325 from 9-3 pm. Digging for Brickosaurus fossils is mighty hard work so it is important all Master Builder campers bring their own lunch Monday thru Friday to keep their energy levels high. Friday is a roaring great day at The BrickLab Brickosaurus dig site! Your Master Builder will enjoy a pizza party for lunch and then celebrate with you, at pick up, the opening of the BrickLab's Jurassic Park Brickosaurus Grand Exhibit. 


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