Custom Photo Flight - Gift Certificate

Bird’s Eye View Helicopters is more than happy to customize a flight to accommodate the needs of their customers. This option is perfect for the amateur photographer who wants to get a picture of his or her property, or scenic photos of the Providence skyline.
The cost of a custom tour / photo flight is $625 per hour, with a minimum of 30 minutes required. The flight price calculator accounts for transportation time to and from the area of interest, as well as 15 minutes loiter time around the location.
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Property Photo Package - Gift Certificate

We offer a wide range of aerial photography services for all customers. Anyone is able to receive high quality aerial photographs of whatever they want with our unique aerial vantage point. We are available for aerial photography of new homes, hotels, golf courses, events, airports, schools, shopping centers, and more.

Bird’s Eye View Helicopters can capture images of your site like no one else. We can fly almost anywhere, and provide our customers the highest quality images. We exclusively use our helicopter to provide close-ups, and high overviews of any property. With our helicopter we are able to capture lower angles than airplanes, and higher overviews than any licensed drone.

With the current rise in the popularity of drone photography, we at Bird’s Eye View Helicopters find it important to warn customers that most drone operators are not licensed for commercial use and thus not insured, and those who are licensed are limited to a maximum altitude of 500 feet. Our pilot and helicopter is fully licensed and is covered fully by insurance. Bird’s Eye View ensure that our customers are satisfied, and well protected through our services.

  • Unique aerial perspectives
  • Fully ensured, and licensed commercial helicopter
  • Experienced pilot with over 25 years of flying
  • Professional photography services
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Complete Custom Packages Start at $595.00 Anywhere in Rhode Island Include:

  • 30 high resolution images to your specifications
  • One 16 X 20 or Two 11 X 14 prints of your choice
  • 60 seconds of HD video

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    Boat Photo Package - Gift Certificate

    Aerial photographs of your sailboat, speedboat or other boat. Bird’s Eye View Helicopters can capture images of your boat like no one else. We can get closer and capture better quality images than fixed wing aerial photographers.

    • Show off your proud investment to friends and family
    • Sell your boat faster with amazing images to entice potential buyers
    • Capture clear, breathtaking action shots of your boat under power or sail, not just while it is docked at your marina.
    • Get images of sailboat or powerboat races to use for advertising or personal use
    • A truly unique gift idea for all occasions
    • Remind yourself and your family of summer fun after you trade in wake boards for snowboards

    Complete Custom Package for $695.00

    • Includes at least 30 high resolution images
    • Delivered to you on DVD
    • One 11 X 14 or Two 8 X 10 prints of your choice