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Owl Encounter

Sessions Held Friday through Monday,  8:00am - 9:00amOwl Encounter: $60 (ages 9+), 1 hourWheelchair accessibleLearn the facts about the most primitive raptor on the planet, their role in the environment, natural history, conservation its habitat and how falconers have related to this enigmatic bird in the past as well as the present. See all of our owls up close in this amazing owl encounter class. Guest will be able to glove up and have at least one of our owls fly to them. Plenty of opportunities for pictures as well as portrait-style photos. This program has been developed by popular dem...

Bookings open till:Oct 10, 2021   8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
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Basic Falconry Lesson

Sessions Held Friday through Monday, 8:00am - 9:00amBasic Falconry Lesson: $70 (ages 7+), 1 hourWheelchair accessibleFalconry the most regulated field sport in the U.S. To become a licensed falconer takes years of patience and care. Falconry is not a hobby; it is a lifestyle.Many people are fascinated with birds of prey and West Coast Falconry Center’s Special Use permit from U.S. Fish and Wildlife allows you to fly our trained birds of prey.Our instructors guide you in learning how to hold a hawk, cast it from your glove, and then call it back again with one of our trained hawks. This is t...

Bookings open till:Oct 15, 2021   8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
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Lore of the Owls

Sessions Held Friday or Saturday nights at 7:00pmLore of the Owls: $180 (ages 7+), 2 hoursNot-Wheelchair accessibleThe West Coast Falconry Center is excited to offer a nighttime excursion with our owls! Join us for an extraordinary evening filled with legends and stories of the owls and experience their presence all around you. Night time is the right time for all things owl and you will get to experience their behavior in the early hours of the evening. We'll begin the night with an interactive presentation on these mystical creatures. You'll then join us on a moonlit wander into the hills...

Bookings open till:Oct 22, 2021   7:00 PM
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Private Triple Raptor Experience

Session Held in Friday through Monday, 8:00am - 10:00am Private Triple Raptor Experience: $585 (ages 8+), 2 hours1–2 People $5853 People $8624 People $11395 People $14166 People $16937 People $19708 People $2247Not wheelchair accessible Summer is just around the corner and with the weather heating up, so are the rattlesnakes. We have come up with this private summer experience to show you all three types of birds that we have here at the center.First: Falcons – Watch as a falconer lure stoops one of our birds who can reach amazing speeds in an aerial demonstration of swiftness and agility. ...

Bookings open till:Oct 25, 2021   8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
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