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Below are the different options for your booking:

  1. Macarons Cooking Class : Test your team's baking prowess with this tantalizing challenge! Our chefs will guide you through the secrets of mastering the iconic French macarons. 
  2. Profiteroles and Eclairs Cooking Class : Discover the art of crafting Chocolate Éclairs and Vanilla Profiteroles. Work together to create these culinary masterpieces, fostering teamwork and collaboration while indulging in the joy of culinary craftsmanship.
  3. Crêpes Cooking Class, flip and savor: Get ready for a laughter-filled, interactive experience! In this class, your group will learn to make savory and sweet crepes from scratch, experimenting with various fillings and toppings. And the highlight? A thrilling crepe flipping contest that's sure to add a dash of excitement to the day!
  4. Bistro class, a 3-Course Meal Corporate Class: Teamwork takes center stage as your group comes together to prepare a sumptuous three-course meal. Our chefs will impart valuable lessons in efficient teamwork, turning the cooking process into a rewarding and enjoyable experience. After the hard work, everyone will savor the fruits of their labor in a celebratory atmosphere.
  5. Competition Challenge : Would you like to add a bit of competition ? Embark on an exciting adventure in our kitchen cooking studio. Throughout this thrilling experience, you will be supervised and guided by our expert chefs and then be challenged on your cooking skills and creativity !

Are you looking for a shorter event ? Book a Cook and Lunch Private Event

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